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Documentary video 001Video Edited and Directed By Tiffany De Rita\n \nOk, Joie here...\n Heres the run down, You have about 8 minutes of me babbeling... getting out the things that sit in my mind that i wish could just be tattooed on my forehead so i didnt have to ever try to say it to every person i know. Ive never really tried because its all been so misunderstood the few times i have tried. SO, torwards the end of this specific one, yea, im rambleing a little but, Sit tight, Pay attention, Get through this on And on to the Next one. These Two Were the Beggining.. From here on, Its all going to get very interesting. So, here we go guys. And to all of you who stop to listen and watch..\n Thankyou.\nJust, Thankyou.\nIt means more to me than you could ever know.\n I have lived with this for so many years..\n It has hurt so much of my life.\nNow its taking it completly..\n And you guys taking the time to listen andlearn,\n It almost makes it all worth it.\nThankyou.

chiari, documentary, malformation, syringomelia